Blumarine Spring/Summer 1996

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“I love this piece. It’s one of the most perfect examples of Jurgen Teller’s natural fashion photography style. It is so pure. The combination of Jurgen in that part of his career, and Venetia Scott – one of the most incredible stylists coming out of London in that era – alongside the truly cinematic beauty of the American model Annie Morton. It’s truly cinematic. Annie Morton had this quality, just like one of the great European actresses of the 60s and 70s, it was so real, so expressive. Models can’t even get to where she was today. They’re so artificial. Everything about this piece is fragile. It’s not particularly highly produced, it’s just stapled, but it has the depth of an independent European French or Italian film of the 80s. And the rarity of it is just phenomenal.” - Steven Mark Klein

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  • Private Collection

    Steven Mark Klein

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    Black, White, Yellow

  • Juergen Teller

  • Venetia Scott

  • Rossella Tarabini

  • Claudio Dell'Olio

  • Isabella Sommati

  • Box2 Milano

  • Annie Morton

  • Dick Page

  • Antonio Gazzola

  • Neil Moodie