Fashion is one of our most significant cultural artifacts — an expression of our values and fascinations, and an impression of a moment in time with social, political, and economic dimensions. Yet because much of its printed matter is created for commercial or informal ends, it rarely receives the thorough study it deserves. Ultimately there is a need for intellectual enterprise, new narratives and a healthy collective environment to interact with the actual production and positioning of fashion.

Founded in 2020, the Library will become the world’s most comprehensive repository of specialized fashion research and contemporary fashion publications. We will fill a much-needed gap in the preservation of and critical engagement with fashion’s printed culture at an institutional level, and build a free, globally accessible resource for fashion researchers, industry professionals, and amateur enthusiasts. International Library of Fashion Research is actively working not only to preserve fashion’s past, but to understand its present and contribute to its future.


The library’s foundation is based on a seed donation of 5,000+ pieces of contemporary printed matter dating from 1975 until present. It includes books, magazines, lookbooks, show invitations, illustrations, ephemera, acquired from various private collectors. The collection will continue to grow via further donations from global fashion houses, publishers and practitioners, animated by an extensive program of talks, digital annotations and micro-curations.


International Library of Fashion Research opened physically in 2022, in the dedicated venue of "Stasjonsmesterboligen". We're located on the campus of the newly built and prestigious 55,000 square metres National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway. While continuing to operate independently, this agreement reasserts the library in its purpose to defend its critical engagement in fashion printed culture at an institutional level.


We offer guided tours, customized research experiences and brand consulting. Our team of research specialists are also actively working with educational institutions for lectures, courses, student activations, workshops and more. Please contact us for more detailed information.


Founding Director

Elise By Olsen

Head of Communications

Else Skålvoll Thorenfeldt

Seed Collector

Steven Mark Klein

Design Director

Morteza Vaseghi

Head of Spatial Design

Vésma Kontere McQuillan

Head Librarian

Ilaria Trame

Guest Researchers

Carolina Davalli, Hannah Hansen Aastad, Melissa Alejandra Johansen

Graphic Designer

Julie Kristensen Asplund

Library Assistant

Robin Norstrøm

Library Intern

Anna Ringstad

Institutional Partner

The National Museum of Norway

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Educational Partners
  • Central Saint Martins
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Digital Design and Development


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