Matsuda Winter 1996 Naked New York

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“Again, a very personal publication to me. In the late 1970s, when I was married to the American dancer and choreographer Molissa Fenley, Nan Goldin took the very first PR photo of Molissa. It was a black and white photo, and if I remember correctly, we compensated her with $100, that’s what she charged for the photo. Since then, I’ve been an absolutely huge observer of her work. I got these copies, which are now part of the ILFR collection, at an opening at Matthew Marks gallery in 1996, where Nan’s photos for Naked New York were exhibited. There was a pile of these books on the floor of the gallery, and not to be greedy I only took two. People honestly should have taken like 30. The title photographer is not enough for Nan Goldin, she truly is an artist.” - Steven Mark Klein

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  • Private Collection

    Steven Mark Klein

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    Black, White

  • Yukio Kobayashi

  • Nan Goldin

  • Hideki Nakajima

  • Matsuhiro Matsuda

  • David Armstrong

  • Marina Berio

  • Lisa Kereszi

  • Jenna Ward

  • Owen Davidson

  • Yutaka Kubota

  • Emiko Ishigaki

  • Tsutomu Kitanishi

  • Christine Davis

  • Christopher Ardoff

  • Avram Finkelstein