Jigsaw Menswear Catalogue

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    Jigsaw Menswear

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“I was in London at the time when I got it, at the Jigsaw store on Bond Street. This is an incredibly rare example of Terry Richardson exploring male masculinity in his own kind of transgressive way. We always think of Terry in terms of shooting women, and of course he did shoot some men, but in this book he’s exploring a certain sexual intensity, in his own way, almost like Robert Mapplethorpe. One can definitely classify it as homoerotic, which one in turn would never relate Terry to… I believe it’s going to be interesting moving forward, based on how Terry’s work impacted fashion photography significantly, up until he got cancelled. Usually, from my experience, when there’s been a scandal around someone’s work, their work is usually re-examined at some point, so it’s going to be interesting to see how history examines Terry’s work. He’s completely disappeared now.” - Steven Mark Klein

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    Steven Mark Klein

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    Black, Red. white