"Fashion Publications From the 80s and 90s" Exhibition Catalogue

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  • Publisher

    Andrew Roth Gallery

“This catalogue is the founding essence of International Library of Fashion Research. It was published in tandem with an exhibition at Andrew Roth Gallery in 2004, which displayed a selection of fashion printed matter from Steven’s collection in a contemporary art context. With Steven’s background as a fine arts student at School of Visual Arts in New York, alongside peers such as Julian Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, the exhibition aimed to parallel and compare fashion printed matter with the tradition of the artist's book, and ultimately putting it on the same pedestal.” - Elise By Olsen

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  • Publisher

    Andrew Roth Gallery

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  • Private Collection

    Steven Mark Klein

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    Black, Blue, White, Yellow

  • Andrew Roth

  • Peter Saville

  • Andrew Richardson

  • Bruce Weber

  • Vince Aletti

  • Six

  • Hilton Als

  • Alexander Gelman

  • Design Machine

  • Roth Horowitz

  • Steven Mark Klein