Hermès Manifesto For The Right Of The Tie To Arrange Its Own Affairs

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Project by Deema Almashabi:

"In this academic project, I was tasked with reinterpreting an archival item from the collection of International Library of Fashion Research, and I chose the Hermès Manifesto For The Right Of The Tie To Arrange Its Own Affairs. My choice was deeply personal, as silk ties have significant meaning in my family's history and traditions.

Assigned to create an Instagram post, I aimed to blend Hermès’ unique artistic digital presence with the manifesto's timeless elegance. This involved integrating authentic Hermès ties as well as Hermès’ iconic orange packaging, while also highlighting the manifesto’s core message.

The creative process was detailed, from selecting music and typography to choosing hashtags and emojis, all reflecting Hermès’ brand ethos. This project was an exploration into merging traditional fashion elements with contemporary digital platforms and I’ve attempted, through the post I’ve created, to reimagine Hermès’ heritage through a new medium."

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    White, Black, Orange