Waist Down Skirts By Muccia Prada

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Project by Emmaline Jeansonne:

"After being assigned the format ‘box’, I chose to work on the archival item Waist Down: Skirts By Miuccia Prada. Waist Down: Skirts By Miuccia Prada was a traveling exhibition that took place in 5 different cities worldwide from the years 2004-2006. This item, in the form of a press release created to resemble a newspaper, was intended to spread awareness for the exhibition under the same name held in 2006 in New York City.

Transforming this press release, with its 24 newspaper pages, 2D prints of Prada skirts, exhibition layout, and red sleeve, into the format ‘box’, proved to be a task of maintaining portability, durability, disposability, and simplicity. To represent the original concept of the press release, I chose to transform Waist Down: Skirts By Miuccia Prada into an advent calendar. The format of an advent calendar allowed me to use the same structure and material of a ‘box’ to create something equally distributable, recyclable, and specific to the original archival item.

This advent calendar was created to be mailable to influencers along with tickets to the exhibition opening, as well as create an air of suspense, spectacle, and desirability that would have caused media sensation in 2004-2006 through fashion bloggers and content creators. The advent calendar’s value lies in its ability to spread awareness about the exhibition while being an informative collectors item."

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  • Private Collection

    Steven Mark Klein

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    Black, Pink, White