Rick Owens Furniture Catalogue

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    Rick Owens

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“This catalogue was created specifically for me by, at that point, Rick Owens’ furniture dealer in Paris. There are no more than 10 examples with that particular form of that catalogue in the world, that was created and hand made by the dealer, for people who would be important collectors of Rick’s furniture. This is so personal, as it was literally created for me by the gallery. The first time I discovered Rick’s furniture was on the late Barney’s on Madison Ave, where he did a shop-in-shop. Based on my experience in that shop-in-shop I reached out to his team and began a dialogue. I’m also fortunate to have experienced when Rei Kawakubo in her original boutique on Greene Street in SoHo, New York, was still full of her furniture designs. I believe her furniture design was one of her most significant parts of her practice, and is yet to be fully understood. Fashion and furniture as a form of ephemera.” - Steven Mark Klein

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    Steven Mark Klein

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