G-Star Raw x Marc Newson Catalogue

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    G-Star Raw

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"There is no G-Star without Marc Newson. Marc Newson is a true designer. He's a living and breathing testimony of Dieter Rams' principles of design. Marc Newson's work proves that good design is just that, good design—no matter the medium. He's designed furniture, aircrafts, retail spaces, clocks, dishware and his decision to join G-STAR in 2004 to design clothes is what eventually brought the brand to my line of vision. I didn't start paying attention to G-Star until 2010. It was the year 19-year-old Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen became the face of the brand; an unusual and intelligent choice. What sticks out to me most was Marc's Spring 2016 collection, shot on models who were photoshopped out of the final edit. In classic Marc fashion; it showcased only form and function." — Recho Omondi

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    Steven Mark Klein

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