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For the installation Homage to Donors #2, ILFR's staff has sat together with KD Presse's Eric Namont and Alexandre Baret who gave us some insights on the fundamental role they play in the publishing industry, but also shared some ideas regarding the ongoing relationship between the two institutions, driven first and foremost by a love and respect for fashion printed materials.

ILFR: How do you decide which publications to support and distribute, and how do you decide which ones are important to donate to ILFR?

KD Presse: The choices are quite clear to us. Although we can all categorise our meetings as projects within the creative industry, we can say without offending anyone that a well-thought-out and creative magazine should be able to connect with its reader at some point. In this case, it becomes, for us, something that can be shared with the general public.
KD has been present for 25 years as a consultancy firm, distributor, disseminator, and advocate for independent, creative, and socially engaged media. With the assistance of skilled logisticians, we have naturally scoured the world to discover the best concept stores, bookshops, museum boutiques, hotels, and institutions in general that are capable of hosting the magazines entrusted to us. It is, therefore, only natural that families come together, and consequently, publishers reach out to us. The publisher of an image-based magazine approaches us not only to gain insights from the experiences of others and be as close as possible to the scenarios to consider but also to experience the dissemination process that we offer and to know that they will be supported throughout the distribution process.

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