New York City Ballet "The Times Are Racing" Invitation

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"The New York City Ballet is one of my sanctuaries of New York City. I've followed the world of ballet since I was a little girl and sitting in Koch Theatre through curtain call has always inspired a standing ovation from me. I didn't actually see the ballet until the Spring of 2019. I loved the graphic design of this invite so much, I posted it to Instagram encouraging my followers to get tickets. It felt so current for what most would expect from a ballet. That might have something to do with Justin Peck, who choreographed the one act piece, performed in sneakers with costumes by Humberto of Opening Ceremony. If you know Justin's work, it's hard to miss the tap references. It felt more like a ballet by Fred Astaire, in the most excellent way." — Recho Omondi

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  • Private Collection

    Steven Mark Klein

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    Black, Red, White

  • Humberto Leon

  • Carol Lim

  • Justin Peck

  • Dan Deacon

  • Brandon Stirling Baker

  • Tom Johnson

  • Isabel Asha Penzlien

  • Shay Johnson

  • Brian Molloy

  • Sydney Bowen