Loewe Spring Summer 2018 Womenswear

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Project by Chih Lin Cheng:

"Inspired by Loewe's Spring Summer 2018 Womenswear publication, I chose to recreate it in newsletter format. The squirrel with a napkin around its neck and spitting its tongue on the cover caught my attention, and the inside pages were photographed by Japanese photographer Fumiko Imano. I chose to create a physical newsletter as I had set the target client to receive this newsletter to be LOEWE's most important customers in Japan, and I would like to present the brand's vision and upcoming collection in a more delicate and unique way.

The complete newsletter set consists of three items, firstly a bouquet of spring coloured flowers in a traditional Japanese wooden barrel, then a small square wooden box containing the new collection's teaser Polaroid photos, and lastly the highlight of the set, a rectangular wooden box containing a brief description of the collection, a napkin with the same squirrel print as the magazine cover, a QRcode transparent card with more information about the new collection, and a traditional Japanese dessert Azuki Yōkan.

The rectangular box is wrapped with the same squirrel-printed napkins in the traditional Japanese gift-giving style of furoshiki. The two squirrel napkins fit in with Fumiko Imano's concept of twins, while the box was filled with surprises and a bouquet of flowers representing spring and summer. A bouquet of flowers representing the spring and summer season. Deliver LOEWE's message in the form of a surprising newsletter to their most important customers."

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  • Private Collection

    M/M (Paris)

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    White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Gray

  • Fumiko Imano

  • Benjamin Bruno

  • Saskia de Brauw

  • Ashley Brokaw

  • Benjamin Muller

  • Marianne Agbadouma

  • Laura Holmes

  • Jonathan Anderson