Luncheon N°5

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For the installation Homage to Donors #2, ILFR's staff has sat together with KD Presse's Eric Namont and Alexandre Baret who gave us some insights on the fundamental role they play in the publishing industry, but also shared some ideas regarding the ongoing relationship between the two institutions, driven first and foremost by a love and respect for fashion printed materials.

ILFR: Some magazines also extend beyond the fashion realm itself. How does it differ in the working pro- cess?
KD Presse: The distribution process remains generally similar, but these titles encourage us to expand the distri- bution target towards sometimes more “lifestyle” points of sale, such as restaurants or culinary bookstores for Luncheon, or hotel boutiques for Holiday. In a way, this can be intended as a form of ‘decentralisation’ too, to find something that touches upon fashion in unusual places.

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  • Gini Alhadeff

  • Hilton Als

  • John Balsom

  • Marie Chaix

  • Grace Coddington

  • Margot Henderson

  • Hannes Hetta

  • Julia Hetta

  • Mattias Karlsson

  • Roger Keller

  • Alex Kerr

  • Catherine Lampert

  • Sarah Moon

  • Paul Morris

  • Robin Muir

  • Duro Olowu

  • Charlie Porter

  • Ola Rindal

  • Gosha Rubchinskiy

  • Paolo Roversi

  • Josefine Skomars

  • Sølve Sundsbø

  • Paul Wetherell