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For the installation Homage to Donors #2, ILFR's staff has sat together with KD Presse's Eric Namont and Alexandre Baret who gave us some insights on the fundamental role they play in the publishing industry, but also shared some ideas regarding the ongoing relationship between the two institutions, driven first and foremost by a love and respect for fashion printed materials.

ILFR: Why is it important for you to support an institution like ILFR?

KD Presse: The very idea of an archive of this calibre aligns perfectly with the “print” models that we advocate. We rightly hold a high regard for the existence of magazines and printed documents in general, and their interaction with our imaginations. Although we preserve them all as archives, or documents we never want to part with, it has become clear to us that they can be institutionalised in this way. Our era, firmly oriented towards the digital, must accommodate printed works just as much as librar- ies have collected all the books in the world since the beginning of printing. Yes, the approach taken by ILFR appears indispensable and innovative for our sector.

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