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For the installation Homage to Donors #2, ILFR's staff has sat together with KD Presse's Eric Namont and Alexandre Baret who gave us some insights on the fundamental role they play in the publishing industry, but also shared some ideas regarding the ongoing relationship between the two institutions, driven first and foremost by a love and respect for fashion printed materials.

ILFR: A rich contribution to our collection comes also from the new emerging, critical and more subver- sive titles. Why is it important for you to support new talents in the publishing industry?

KD Presse: In addition to more established titles, we are pleased to include among the magazines we repre- sent, emerging and committed references. Whether it’s, for example, Viscose or Merde Magazine and their critical perspective on fashion; Gaze freeing our imaginations from the male perspective; or even Badlon, bringing together Eastern European artists at a time when their countries are more divided than ever, we are proud to contribute to the emergence of young publishers who wish to convey a meaningful discourse, especially in an age when print and digital are often contrasted.

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