Griffé Issue 1: Maison Margiela

  • Author

    Salomé DudemaineJulien Sanders

  • Brand

    Maison Martin Margiela

  • Year


From the editors: "In each issue, we put a fashion house in the spotlight. This first issue is dedicated to Maison Margiela. Through an unprecedented brand biography, exclusive investigations, former collaborators interviews and previously unseen historical archives, we explore in depth the creative and commercial history of the brand. What fashion secrets are hidden behind the iconic Margiela white woven label?

Griffé was born from our desire to uncover untold stories, and to share them with all fashion and vintage lovers. Griffé is a journey through the significant fashion houses of our time, offering a new perspective for the fashion-curious consumer and industry insider alike. Griffé is also an essential tool to accompany the analysis and dating of a garment for all the professionals of the fashion and vintage world."

  • Author

    Salomé Dudemaine, Julien Sanders

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  • Private Collection

    Elise By Olsen

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  • Color

    White, Yellow