Purple #39: The New York Issue

  • Author

    Olivier Zahm

  • Year


For the installation Homage to Donors #2, ILFR's staff has sat together with KD Presse's Eric Namont and Alexandre Baret who gave us some insights on the fundamental role they play in the publishing industry, but also shared some ideas regarding the ongoing relationship between the two institutions, driven first and foremost by a love and respect for fashion printed materials.

ILFR: What values do you think KDP and ILFR have in common?

KD Presse: Undoubtedly, a deep respect for printed media and their ability to tell us the story through images and texts that stand the test of time as historical archives that have been experienced by all. We also share your belief that decentralising the presence of magazines beyond the major international cities accustomed to representing them is a positive development. It’s a means to make high-quality works with abundant creativity more accessible for a wide audience to consult.

  • Author

    Olivier Zahm

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  • Private Collection

    KD Presse

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    White, Black

  • Daniel Pinchbeck

  • Robbi Salvor Menuez

  • Darryl Pinckney

  • Cyrus Dunham

  • François Simon

  • Devan Diaz

  • Philip Glass

  • Cruz Valdez

  • Ser Serpas

  • Laura Poitras

  • John Currin

  • Aleph Molinari

  • Juergen Teller

  • Paul Sevigny

  • Matthew Williams

  • Irina Shayk

  • Daniel Ducasse

  • Ebecho Muslimova

  • Natasha Stag

  • Charlotte Kemp Muhl

  • Jonathan Lyndon Chase

  • Jamian Juliano-Villani

  • Hiandra Martinez

  • Joshua Woods

  • Amy Fine Collins

  • Lou Doillon

  • Amanda Charchian

  • Candy Darlings

  • Guen Fiore

  • Carolina Herrera

  • Angelo Pennetta

  • Bob Colacello

  • Natasha Lyonne

  • Emma Stern

  • Elena Valez

  • Bobbi Salvör Manuez

  • Tourmaline

  • Roger Jazilek

  • Shelly Verthime